It is said that history of sericulture dates back to 4000 years ago in China. It was kept guarded there for long but eventually the art reached Japan, Vietnam, part of Russia and India. Since then, the Indian silk has been an integral showcase of the exotic Indian culture. The era of the Maharajas glorified the fabrics to its fullest. Handmade intricate embroidery and the finely woven Muslin have always astonished and allured the world.

Indian silks are woven mainly from the following yarns:
1. Filiature 2. Dupione 3. Matka 4. Noil 5. Tussah
6. Gicha 7. Katia 8. Jhuri 9. Fesua

And the main production centers are at Bangalore, Bhagalpur, Varanasi, Champa, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.


Indian silks is our specialty and pride. Every new development at Amba is a creation of hard work, innovative insight and market forecast. Time honoured and high tech embroideries are our forte. Creating new weaves and combining yarns to make blends never seem to stop surprising our valued customers. Our ability to weave their ides to fabrics has always given us satisfaction and pleasure.

Our team of young executives has a knack of understanding the demands of our valued customers. We can turn their ideas to fabrics in a quick frame of time. We meet the delivery of our orders on time every time.

The Government of India had been bestowing us with Export Merit Awards for our outstanding export performance since 20 years.

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